Analysis Of The Movie ' Still Alice ' Essay

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I asked Emily if she felt she was intellectually curious and was pleased that her response included providing an example of a discussion that she was part of, outside of a classroom format (where in-depth verbal analysis might otherwise be a requirement for a high course grade). Emily seemed self-motivated to engage in the exchange of ideas both inside and outside of the classroom. Emily recounted a rap session with her friends when the group dissected the movie “Still Alice.” In the movie, a 50-year old Columbia University linguistics professor slowly fell silent as a result of her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Since Emily wants one day to be a physician, this conversation topic may have held particular interest for her. Emily contended that she sees herself as IC since she delves very deeply into subjects that compel her, and especially enjoys sparking intellections conversations with her peers. When I asked her what motivates her, Emily’s answer initially seemed predictable. She responded that she wants “to excel academically” and wants to “make her mother proud of her.” What made this comment more substantive was her reason WHY. Emily was adopted from China when she was 18 months old, to a single Caucasian mother who lives in a working class Long Island community. Emily has a distinctive connection to her mother as the duo represents the extent of Emily’s nuclear family; there never was a “dad.” Emily’s mother is a retired Special Education teacher who is…

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