Analysis Of The Movie ' Romeo And Juliet ' Essay

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Diablo Cody 's screenplay Juno depicts death better than William Shakespeare 's play Romeo & Juliet. Both Juno and Romeo & Juliet incorporate the theme of death, however, they depict it in two very different ways. In Romeo & Juliet, death is depicted in the conventional sense and is met with drama from the characters. On the other hand, Juno depicts death as a much more metaphorical event and is met with a lighthearted and comical atmosphere. Compared to the borderline boring depiction of death within Romeo & Juliet, Juno gives us a much more sophisticated and well-used depiction of death.
Cody 's Juno Has a Metaphorical and Comedic Depiction of Death Through the use of Juno 's script, Cody is able to depict death in a deeper level than the literal sense of the word, as well as giving death a comedic overtone. This can firstly be seen when Juno narrates her relationship with her mother; she tells us that her mother left her at a very young age: "[My dad] and my mom got divorced when I was five. She lives on a Havasu reservation in Arizona...with her new husband and three replacement kids...this cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment." (Cody 15) As we can see, Juno 's mother has been cut out of her life due to her divorce with Mac. The "death" in this situation isn 't that of literal death, but of a figurative death as a parent. Both divorce and death involving someone very important being cut out of someone else 's life; abandoning them in one way or another.…

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