Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Pinocchio '

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shines through the many facets of character and Italian culture, which translates into a universal scale and stays forever relevant to modern man.
Collodi’s book was directly meant to influence Italian thought and build the nation as a whole. A major concept that Pinocchio conveys through both the lenses of universal and national views ins the idea of hedonism versus that of work ethic. In the novel, small nuances such as “when poverty shows itself, even mischievous boys understand what it means” are associated with moral lessons that make the entire novel viewed through a more universal lens (Collodi 20). Another phrase that is very poignant is whenever Pinocchio is traveling to the Land of Toys, a unique instance of foreshadowing occurs whenever the donkey he is riding says “Remember, little simpleton! Boys who stop studying and turn their backs upon books nad schools and teachers in order to give all their time to nonsense and pleasure, sooner or later come to grief” (Collodi 97). Even though Pinocchio realizes this he shows even more examples of the hedonist mentality earlier in the novel, whenever Gepetto stresses the importance of education over even staying properly nourished and sells his coat and gifts the marionette an A-B-C book for school. Pinocchio essentially turns around and trades the gift of education (to that of a “ragman” or homeless person, signifying that even a homeless person even know the value of knowledge) that his father gave him lead himself to…

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