Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Ordinary People '

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In the film, “Ordinary People,” the Jarrett family suffers from several problems due to a fatal accident in which they lose their older son, Buck. The death of Buck causes several problems in their relationships, turning them into a highly dysfunctional family that constantly struggles to get along. Throughout the film, Beth, Calvin and Conrad engage in acts of “silence or violence,” barely attempting to address most of their problems, which could have been fixed using conflict management skills. Beth, the mother, and Conrad, the younger son, have struggled to communicate to each other ever since the accident, while Calvin, the father, seems to be in the middle, trying to put their family back together.
Conrad, who was there during the boating accident, suffers from PTSD and feels guilty that he held on and stayed with the boat instead of looking for his brother. Due to his survivor’s guilt, Conrad tried to kill himself, which seemed to cause more emotional problems with his mother. At school, Conrad isolates himself from other people, avoiding confrontation with someone that used to be his and Buck’s best friend, and snapping at him when he asks if he is ok after finding out he quit the swim team. There was one incident where Conrad got angry, and punched a kid who was messing with him, but when his friend comes to sit and talk to him in his car, Conrad pushes him away, telling him that it hurts him to be around him because he reminds him too much of when Buck was alive.…

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