Analysis Of The Movie ' Old Boys, Old Girls ' By Edward P. Jones

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Jazmin. Navarro
Proffers Mitchel Jackson

Will Caesar return to a life of crime?

Will Ceasar return to a life of crime? In “Old Boys, Old Girls” written by Edward P. Jones tells the story of Caesar Matthews. A convicted Murderer Who is force to do time at Lorton Institution. With an already made reputation and linking up with two of the most Notorious convicts, Caesar is urge to maintain his “humanity” In a series of events, before he is release from prison, Caesar continue to prove his manhood by demanding respect by using physical violence and fear. After Caesar is finally released from jail, he is station in a rundown living quarter and set up with a job washing dishes at a restaurant. Where he was later discover by his brother and invite to a family dinner. When an innocent jester between Caesar and his Niece is misinterpreted by his sister. Caesar is lead to believe that he will forever be look at as a criminal even by those who say they love him. Soon enough he find himself in the room of his old sweetheart, seeking her cynical few of the world. Only to find her deceased body. Not being able to accept that this is how the world will last see her, Caesar goes on to clean her room the best that he can and tend to her body. It is at this point that he realize that he is no longer a young man and decides to leave everything behind. Nevertheless, Caesar will not return back to a life of crime because he no longer wants…

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