Analysis Of The Movie ' New Orleans ' Essay

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On my way to New Orleans to audition for a movie role. The role requires me to cry, only thing is I can 't think of anything sad other than my car breaking down half way there. Two of my tires had blown out there was no doubt about it I was going to miss my audition. I held up a sign that had "New Orleans" written on it hoping someone would stop. This tiffany blue jeep pulled over and this man got out and asked if I needed assistance with my car. I told him no and said I just need a ride. He asked if he could trust me and I said yeah. Then I asked him the same thing and told him that his jeep was kind of girly, he just laughed and said it 's for my wife. So I get in the jeep and on the dash there 's a picture of a beautiful but very pregnant lady, I also noticed that he had numerous lottery tickets with the same six numbers. He gently said "That 's my wife." I told him she is very beautiful and he chuckled and said "I know it." He asked me where I was from and what I was doing so he could break the silence. I told him Alexandria and I was going to audition for a movie role. He just looked at me as if he was sizing me up. Then he said "You 're going to audition in that?" I told him how I came from a poor family and that all I wanted to do is help them. I said I know they 're not the best clothes but at least I 'm trying. He said "I can 't argue with that kid but I have some clothes at my house you could wear and plus you can tell my wife how beautiful you think she is, she…

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