Analysis Of The Movie ' My Left Foot ' Essay

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The 1989 Irish biographic drama film, My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown, is a true story about Christy Brown (played by Daniel-Day Lewis), a man born with cerebral palsy (CP). In the beginning of the film, Brown is an adult in a wheelchair and waits at the home of Lord Castlewelland to speak at a benefit for cerebral palsy victims. The private nurse accompanying him, Mary Carr, begins to read Brown’s autobiographical novel, and we follow most of the span of his life through a series of flashbacks. Brown’s disability affects all of his limbs and gives him spasticity, but he gradually gains control of his left foot, and uses the foot to maneuver himself around his house, write his first words with a piece of chalk as a child, and start painting as an adolescent. His family moves him around the community in a small wagon and occasionally carries him, until his mother, Mrs. Brown, saves enough money to purchase a wheelchair for Brown when he is a young adult. With the support of others, most notably his mother, and his physical and speech therapist Dr. Eileen Cole, Brown’s gross motor skills progresses and he develops the ability to converse with others more effectively. In addition, he becomes a successful writer and painter. Because the film depicts a real individual who has lived with severe spastic cerebral palsy, it does provide an accurate portrayal of the disability; however, the social and cultural contexts impact Brown’s experiences.
Christy Brown is…

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