Analysis Of The Movie ' Molly : An American Girl On The Home Front '

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Due to the recent study of World War Two, I decided to watch a movie in relation to this subject about an American girl’s life that is affected by the war abroad in a small town in Illinois. “Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front,” was produced in 2006 featuring Maya Ritter as Molly McIntire, Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Helen McIntire, David Aaron Baker as Dr. James McIntire, Genevieve Farrell as Jill McIntire, Andrew Chalmers as Ricky McIntire, Tory Green as Emily Bennett, Sarah Orenstein as Gladys Gildford and Sarah Manninen as Charlotte Campbell. The main character, Molly McIntire, is a ten year old American girl living in Jefferson, Illinois in 1943 who is oblivious to the war effort it is at its peak. She enjoys going to the theatre, listening to radio shows, eating ice cream, spelling bees, and spending time with the most important man in her life, her father, Dr. James McIntire. At her elementary school, she takes tap dancing as her physical education and it is announced that one lucky dancer will be selected to play, “Ms. Victory,” in the Christmas showcase finale and Molly is determined to earn this role with a lot of much needed practice. When blue stars begin to appear in the windows of her neighborhood, Molly still is not impacted until one of those blue stars is placed in her window because her father decided to go overseas to help care for the wounded soldiers. She is upset and scared when she hears this news while her siblings rejoice due to their father’s…

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