Analysis Of The Movie ' Los Vendidos ' Essay

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Luis Valdez was the former producer of “Los Vendidos”. Los Vendidos is an act play that explains the historical and stereotypical features of the standard Mexican American in the United States and was also written to highpoint Latino stereotypes and their effects on society. Valdez was born on June 26, 1940 and eventually became an actor, a director, a playwright and a filmmaker. He came from a family of migrant farmworkers in Delano, California. When he was only six years old he began to work the fields. After years of having an interfered education, Valdez was finally able to graduate college with a degree in English, however his main focus was in Theatre.
During the late 70’s, El Teatro Campesino produced a play called “Los Vendidos.” Before the Los Vendidos play, he introduced “The Shrunken head of pancho villa”. In 1965, he enlisted in a Cesar Chavez’s mission to organize farm workers into a union then formed “El Teatro Campesino”. At the time he was helping Cesar Chavez raise funds for the grape boycott and bring attention to migrant workers. Valdez was initially the producer of “El Teatro Campesino”, which is also known as “The Farmworkers Theatre”. He began to gather farm workers and students to form El Teatro Campesino. The theatre eventually expanded among workers, supporters, students and universities through stage, television and film. The Teatro Campesino formerly became the Chicano theatre movement. Valdez and the theatre explored all of the theatrical…

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