Analysis Of The Movie ' Kindred, And Mona ' Essay

1017 Words Jul 28th, 2016 5 Pages
It is safe to say everyone has their limits. Every person has different boundaries to push, in regards to their patience. It is, also, accurate to say every human being can only tolerate so much before losing control of themselves. In the case of Dana, from the novel Kindred, and Mona, from movie Sanfoka, both were at some time privileged women who later in their lifetime lost all of their basic human rights. After being stripped of their rights, disrespected, dehumanized, and suffered irreversible psychological trauma these two lead characters finally snapped. Both young black women were from the 20th century after the civil rights movement ensued. Naturally, both were ignorant of the kind of hardships their ancestors felt a century before the civil rights movement even occurred. They had felt racism, but those minuscule experiences were nowhere near as horrendous as the ones their ancestors had to endure. When Dana and Mona time traveled to an era where blacks were seen as property, they then finally understood what their ancestors truly felt: worthless, hopeless, and completely powerless. Their experiences in this era eventually lead them to lash out against their tormenters in a manner they once thought they were incapable of doing; they murdered their key sources of misery. In Sanfoka, Mona was a 1990s American woman with modern rights, a career, and was probably affluent. When she time traveled, she had no concept of how inhumanely she was going to be treated…

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