Analysis Of The Movie ' Johnny Belinda ' And Children Of A Lesser God

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Johnny Belinda (Harris, 1948) and Children of a Lesser God (Anderson & Medoff, 1986) are two renowned films that feature deaf characters as the movie’s main character. Belinda McDonald is the main character of Johnny Belinda, and Sarah Norman is the main character of Children of a Lesser God. These two stories both portray deaf women with outside hearing men whom they each fall in love with. Unfortunately, they also both suffer sexual abuse by the hearing communities. Although Belinda and Sarah share these commonalities, perception of the Deaf Person in society reflected in the movie has dramatically changed in thirty-eight years of differences. In Johnny Belinda (Harris, 1948), Dr. Richardson meets Belinda, who is an intelligent deaf girl, and teaches her sign languages and without knowing, they slowly falls in love with each other. However, a man named Locky rapes her and Belinda is now pregnant. At the end of the movie, Belinda kills Locky to protect her baby from him, but eventually walks out free. Sarah in Children of a Lesser God (Anderson & Medoff, 1986) was a bright girl in her deaf school. However, after she was sexually abused from her sister’s friends, she distrusts everyone and does not speak. As James insisted to teach Sarah, they soon develop a romantic relationship. Living together, they reached their peak of the differences, but at the end, they resolve their differences. The important common features that links two movies are clearly shown throughout…

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