Analysis Of The Movie ' Fruitvale Station ' Essay

1530 Words Apr 29th, 2015 null Page
Years seem to pass by and the same issue just keep on occurring. The issue of the mistreatment and brutality among African Americans, especially targeting young African American men. Fruitvale Station, a movie released in 2013 viewed, once again, viewed the brutality upon African American men. Throughout history, the media has put a lens on African American Brutality, this exploration became popular to America during the Civil Rights Movement. There were many incidents of brutality before the 1960 's and are still present today. The Movie, Fruitvale Station shows the repetitive view of the mistreatment to African Americans especially targeting African American males in America. Based on a true story, according to, Fruitvale Station, begins with a 22 year old character name Oscar and his girlfriend Sophina arguing about Oscar 's infidelity. They stop arguing when Tatiana, their daughter comes into the room. The next morning, Oscar drops Tatiana at daycare and Sophina at work. He then begins shopping for his mother 's birthday. Oscar stops by his old job at the deli in a grocery store where he was fired two weeks prior for tardiness. While waiting for his boss, he helps a lady named Katie by giving her advice on what to cook for her boyfriend for New Year 's eve. When his boss finally arrives, Oscar pleads with him to let him have his job back. The boss explains he has too many workers already and Oscar becomes frustrated ends up threatening his boss, leaving no…

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