Analysis Of The Movie ' Do The Right Thing ' Essay

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In the movie “Do the Right Thing”, there were many issues present and many different ways to interpret every event. This movie’s central them was: what is the right thing to do? All of the characters in this movie faced that same question, and most of the characters thought they did the right thing in the end. The way the character’s view what they did depends on how they were brought up and the values that they share. This paper will discuss protest and causality as it relates to the movie.
One of the concepts discussed in class was protest. Protest is the response of someone not liking how things are. There are people that engage in protest so that others will not have to experience the same thing they did. Protest can be thought of as a way to enhance one’s survival and well-being. In the movie, one way that protest was displayed was when Martin and Radio Raheem came into the pizza shop and demanded that black people be put up on the wall of the shop. They had an opinion and everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. The way that they carried out the protest was very invasive and it could have been handled better. Martin felt like he needed to protest because Sal’s Pizza Shop is in a black neighborhood, and they mostly have black customers so a black person should be posted on the wall. He had an opinion and he voiced it. Another example of protest from the movie was when the community started a riot against the police after one of the policemen strangled Radio Raheem…

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