Analysis Of The Movie ' Do The Right Thing ' Essay examples

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Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing brings up many important themes, importantly, racism, order, and a person’s morals. One of the most important lines of the movie, inspiring the title, is when Da Mayor tells Mookie to “always…do the right thing.” This is important advice, but it brings up the question: do any of the characters in this movie really follow it? Sal’s interactions and reactions to his black customers, Buggin’ Out and Radio Raheem’s protest, and Mookie starting the riot are all main points of conflict in the movie, and they are points where the audience may realize that doing the right thing isn’t as clear as it may seem. The way that Sal interacts with his black customers, and particularly his dismissal of Buggin’ Out’s complaint that there “are no brothers” on the wall, at times give off a hostile and racist impression. At other times, Sal seems like a decent enough person, like when he talks to Jade or gives Da Mayor a job. In an interaction with Pino, he says “So what if this is a black neighborhood, so what is we’re a minority. I’ve never had no trouble with these people, don’t want none either, so don’t start none. This is America.” Scenes like this would imply that Sal is doing the right thing; he’s accepting and even welcoming black people into his restaurant. But at other times, he calls black people the n word, refuses to put brothers on the wall, and makes derogatory comments. Sal is, simply, a character who does not do the right thing. Although some of…

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