Analysis Of The Movie ' Death Of Death ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Death is very hard to overcome, especially when you have a very vague understanding of what death really is. It can affect everyone differently but in Holden’s case it affects him in a very negative way that later turns into a positive after he learns and matures throughout his life. Whether you think so or not, you need some type of influence or guidance in your life, and that is what Holden has. Many people trying to guide him in the right direction, but resists it until he realizes that they are trying to help. As Holden grows you see how death really does impact his life in such a major way. Holden has many people in his life that mentor him to try to get him on the right track, of growing into an adult. Part of going through the trials of life and maturing is first going through the rough patches, like when his brother Allie dies. He has a very weak understanding of death, and what happens when you die. Also his mentality that the world revolves around him, is another very childish mindset. That is why Holden has many people in his life that try

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To direct him into becoming a mature adult, like Mr. Spencer, Holden’s former teacher at Pencey. “Life’s a game boy, Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” (12) This is Mr. Spencer telling Holden that life is something you can’t just wing, or play by ear. You must go through life following the ‘rules’ that your parents, or society sets for you. In Holden’s case, he feels like the entire world…

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