Analysis Of The Movie ' Christmas Wonderland ' Essay examples

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I recently attended A Christmas Wonderland, a drag show made up of some of RuPaul’s most talent drag queens such as; Roxxxy Andrews, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Naomi Smalls and many others. This was unlike any drag show I had been to before because instead of being in a small bar with limited seating and dingy lighting, it was in a real performance hall where the Nutcracker was being performed the following week. The first thing I immediately noticed was just how many different kinds of people there were that came to see the show. To me, the idea of drag falls closely into gender fuck. These 6 foot tall men dress up in elaborate gowns, incredible make up and look absolutely gorgeous --- I mean seriously, drop dead gorgeous. In my own mind I see that kind of performance as a deviance from the norm, outside of the gender binary that is set up for ourselves. I figured a lot of people there would also be gender nonconforming or some sort of gender queer, but many seemed not to be. I guess that’s on me for assuming that only gender queer individuals would want to come to a drag show, but you truly do not have to be non-cisgender to be deviant from the norm. I’ll talk about that more later but I want to talk about the queen’s performances especially the performances of their gender. “To be a woman is to have become a woman” (Judith Butler Performative Gender Theory 1988:pg. 522) Simone de Beauvoir was quoted saying this in Judith Butler’s article on Gender Performativity. I…

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