Analysis Of The Movie ' Cameron Ganous ' Essay

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Cameron Ganous is a firefighter of Station 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cameron is shockingly enough not a macho or super buff man. He doesn’t have huge muscles and Cameron isn’t the tallest guy in the room. Although he is very athletic and quick on his feet, Cameron doesn’t match the typical stereotype of a Hollywood firefighter. His job entails fighting fire, rescue, working the Ladder Company and EMT work. Before I began researching Cameron’s background, I knew very little about his heroic occupation. Pursuing a career in firefighting wasn’t a path Cameron had to make himself choose, and he didn’t have to convince himself it was right for him “it was my calling” he told me. “I’m not a hero, I am just a firefighter.” Maybe firefighting isn’t as Hollywood as I have let myself think; there aren’t cool songs playing when the firefighters are entering the home and sweat isn’t dripping off of their foreheads in any special or fancy kind of way. It may be as plain and simple as Cameron says. “We get in, do our job, and get out.” To be hired onto the Charlotte Fire Department Cameron had to pass 6 months of recruitment school, be certified in firefighting 1, 2 and EMT. Cameron compared the difficulty of his training to that of military boot camp. “At times school was harder on my family rather than on myself. I was at school for most of every weekday and when I was at home I was tired and stressed out.” Firefighters work ten 24 hour shifts per month, which adds up to…

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