Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Brave New World '

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“Is it stealing if it has already been stolen?” This question proposed by Will Salas is frequently used throughout the film, and shows a lot about Will’s dystopic characteristics. For example, this question proves that Will is unhappy with society and that he is questioning the validity of the government. There are numerous requirements to be a dystopic hero, and Will fits every one of these. The character of Will Salas shows dystopic traits in the way he reacts to certain situations throughout the story, and closely relates to John from “Brave New World”.

Will Salas loses his mother in a catastrophic way in the beginning of the story. Although this devastates Will, it does not make him realize how the lower class is being taken advantage of. Once Will takes the trip to New Greenwich and realizes how much better the people live there, he wants to do something about it. The fact that the government will not allow the poor to become rich just adds fuel to the fire. Will does everything he can to overthrow the government, and begins to question why society is the way it is. These are both major dystopic features of a character. Once John realizes that the citizens of the World State are being controlled, he tries to do everything to help them. This is the same situation for Will. He is not being greedy, and just wants to make the citizens realize how unequal society is. This mistreatment makes Will realize that everyone is trapped inside their district, even himself.…

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