Analysis Of The Movie ' Boyz N The Hood ' Essay

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Coming straight out of Compton, the famous rapper known as Ice Cube depicted how many African Americans, as himself, faced many hardships growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in the film, “Boyz N The Hood.” Believing that only his father can teach him how to be a man, the main character, Cuba Gooden starring as Tre Styles, is sent to go live with his father in South Central Los Angelos after an altercation at school.Here is reunited with his childhood friends;Ice Cube staring as Doughboy and Doughboy’s brother Morris Chestnut starring as Ricky. Throughout the movie, the three experience police brutality, racial discrimination, and black on black crime while growing up in the hood. Critic Roger Ebert emphasizes that the three, including many other African Americans, “Live in a neighborhood where violence is a fact of life, where the searchlights from police helicopters are like the guard lights in a prison camp, where guns are everywhere, where a kid can go down to the corner store and not come home alive.” In an interview with MTV news, Ice cube stated that this movie hit home for him and many other African Americans. “When we first did the movie, Boyz N the Hood, we felt like we was teaching America about a part of itself that they don 't see,” which he also stated in the film. “Either they don 't know, don 't show, or don 't care about what 's going on in the hood.” Boyz N the Hood is a film where African Americans are portrayed through a perspective that the world and many…

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