Analysis Of The Movie ' After The Wedding ' Essay

1055 Words Nov 4th, 2014 5 Pages
When people want to obtain something, they may abandon something else. This was the ending of the film After the Wedding. The film depicted a man’s choice regarding whether he continued to stay in India or accepted an enormous fortune in Denmark. Jacob Petersen was the main character of the film and he spared no effort in assisting the poor children in India, but everything changed one day. He would go to Denmark and acquire an investment from Jorgen, who was a billionaire. However, the billionaire was extremely arrogant, Jacob had some conflicts with him when they negotiated. The family relations played a crucial role in the film, and the urban poverty also demonstrated the cause why Jacob was eager to obtain investment. In addition, the personalities showed the complicated social networks. The family relations were the most significant aspects of the film. Although Jorgen was busy with his business, he was intrinsically linked to his offspring. His love for his family spread to every part of his life. The sweet relationship was incarnated from his smile when he told stories to his offspring at night; hence, the love of the family was reflected from the little aspects of life. After Jorgen discovered that he had incurable disease, he decided to conceal the truth and bear the pain alone. In a family relation perspective, the film tended to utilize the eye-contact as a medium for showing the precious love. The medium form was successful, and it was a…

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