Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' A Raisin Of The Sun '

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A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of an African American family called the Younger’s who are living on the South Side of Chicago during the 1950’s. When designing the costumes for A Raisin in the Sun careful consideration must be taken in order to make sure that the costumes fit the time period. The choice of costumes is very important for the performance of the play because costumes can indicate a character’s sex, occupation, status, position, flamboyance/modesty and degree of independence. As a costume designer there are the following main objectives: to help set the tone and style of the production, to establish the locale and period in which the play takes place, to indicate the natures of the characters or groups in the play, to show the relationships among the characters, to convey the significance of the characters in the play, to meet the needs of the individual performers, and to coordinate the scenery with the other production elements in order to solve practical design problems.

There are many character relationships that occur throughout the play such as the relationships between Walter and Ruth and the relationships between Bennie and her suitors Joseph Asagai and George Murchison. As the costume designer I can help communicate these relationships to the audience by using different colors for the costumes that contrast or blend with one another. For example, if I want to show the relationship between Joseph and Bennie I can design their…

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