Analysis Of The Movie ' 8 Mile ' Essay examples

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8 Mile is a movie starring Eminem who plays a white rapper who lives on the streets of 8 Mile. It is loosely based on the lead actor’s life while we were growing up. The movie won an Oscar for best music, making Eminem the first rapper to ever win an Oscar. The movie starts with Eminem’s character, B Rabbit, throwing up in a bathroom before he was going to rap in a freestyle battle. Whenever he goes on stage he chokes and is not able to get any words out. The rest of the movie he is made fun of because they say that white people cannot rap. The movie has a clear theme, great characters, and music that perfectly sums up the movie.

In the movie B Rabbit had to move in with his mom after a break up that he had with his girlfriend, he is poor because he isn’t getting a lot of hours at his job, and everyone thinks he is pathetic because he choked during his battle. He is mostly getting made fun of because he is white and is trying to be a rapper. Most people are telling him that he can’t rap only for that one reason. The main theme of the movie is equality between races. He had to prove to everyone around him, and to himself that he can rap. 8 Mile shows how different he was treated just because he was white in a rough neighborhood.

While he was on a work break a rap battle started between two coworkers. B Rabbit decided to jump in so he could diss one of the employees. B Rabbit impressed everyone, showing the first time he was in a successful battle.…

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