Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' 20 One Again '

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“20 One Again” which is a comedy with regain youth film, which talks about a 70 years old woman suddenly becomes 20 years lady again. This film describes the old woman’s life story with her family, love relationship, cultural, and generation gap that to recalls elderly numerous worries and regret with their pass.

There are a lot of life experiences which are aging, family relationship and life change.
The 70 years old old woman who like sarcastic with people, so that almost nobody like to talk with her. Her daughter, who lives with the old woman, cannot stand the long time punishment with her mother. For this reason, she got the mental health problem. In order to reduce the daughter’s pressure, her son decided to give up the old woman admitted her to a nursing home. After this decision the old woman was very sad and she went outside to have a walk. On the road, she saw a shop called “Youth studio” which attracted to her and she wanted to take a photo for her final figure. Suddenly, who know that shot made the old woman returned to 20 years old lady. When the old woman became 20 years old, who found a number of memories and created an amazing life again. Consequently, she joined the band as singing leader and also she found her love once again when she became 20s.

This film related many aging expressions, recalled the old woman’s feeling with her life. When she became 20 years old that reflected her memories when she was in that same age. She wanted to have an unique…

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