Analysis Of ' The Miracle Of The Virgin Birth ' Essay

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“Broaden your horizon.” “Think outside the box.” These two statements represent the cultural value to have an imagination and the value for us to stretch it. C. S. Lewis makes the case: our imaginations are too small. He says events like miracles, speaking in tongues, and visions are real phenomena. However, just because they seem outside the scope of our understanding that does not mean they are impossible. In Miracles, he focuses on the presence of miracles in the world and how they are real.
As Christians, we pride ourselves on having come out of the darkness. However, in choosing close-mindedness in relation to miracles, we choose to keep our eyes closed to the wonder of who God is. Many churches rarely mention miracles because they don’t understand why their importance to our lives today. For those who believe in God and do not believe in the miracle of the virgin birth, the question becomes “does it even matter?” The first question I would ask, in response, would be “Shall we then ignore Jesus?” As shown in Miracles, the life of Jesus was in itself a miracle that had significant value, as I will discuss further. Understanding the importance of miracles and their reality is beneficial in more than one way. It allows for further knowledge of the truth. Also, it allows for a better understanding of God and His ways of interacting with us. This then is important in our response to the Creator. I find it a helpful reminder for myself that the uncomfortableness of such a…

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