Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essay example

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“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage, you can 't practice any other virtue consistently.” A quote by Maya Angelou. Courage is a recurring theme in Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”. In my essay, I will be explaining and showing acts of courage by three characters. The characters I will be talking about is Baba, Amir and Hassan.

The first character that shows courage is Baba. We know that in the book, “The Kite Runner”, Baba is portrayed as an extraordinary man. He’s done many remarkable things such as making his own orphanage to help the children on the streets of Kabul, nearly spends his life savings on Amir’s wedding, etc. Along with that, he’s also revealed his courageousness in situations that showed glimpses of death. One of those situations was where Baba and Amir were fleeing to a neighbouring country. As Baba was on a bus with Amir, a Russian officer demanded to have sex with a pregnant woman on the bus. Baba was outraged by the Russian Officer’s demand. “ ‘I want you to ask this man something,’ Baba said. He said it to Karim, but looked directly at the Russian Officer. ‘Ask him where his shame is.’ “(Khaled 115). Baba exhibited courage in a way many people would shy away in fear. Baba stood up for a woman because he believed that the Russian Officer’s intentions were wrong. This is courageous because Baba put his life at risk to defend this helpless woman. “Tell him I’ll take a thousand of his bullets before I let this…

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