Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

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All kites share the same characteristics. They fly, they fall, and every once in a while one gets stuck in a tree. No matter what is changed, these similarities between all kites remain the same. Throughout so many years of change around them, very little has differed between the three generations of Ali, Hassan, and Sohrab. The circularity between the three character’s lives, actions, and personalities is tremendous. First, they all have the same loyal, modest character traits, which leads them to soar high in the eyes of Baba and Amir. They all have similar defects and flaws such as “smile paralysis” and their Hazara religion, which fundamentally leads to their downfall. They are also all essentially orphans. The main reason their lives are so similar is their boundless loyalty towards Baba and Amir. In The Kite Runner, trees are subtly used to foreshadow events and link them together. This is also true as it connects the three characters.
The concealed circularity between Ali, Hassan, and Sohrab, behind the simple fact that they are Hazaras, lies in their physical traits. All three characters are unable to smile for different reasons. Ali has congenital paralysis in his lower face, while Hassan has a harelip, and Sohrab is mentally scarred and depressed. There is also the fact that “polio had left Ali with a twisted, atrophied right leg” (Hosseini, 8). His polio was a result of the poor living conditions he experienced in Afghanistan and the mud hut in which…

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