Analysis Of ' The Joy Luck Club ' By Amy Tan Essay

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Literary devices are perhaps one of the most important elements used in writing. The journey of Suyuan in the historical fiction novel, The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, is characterized through the use of style, plot and motif by establishing tone, emphasizing motivation and characterizing relationships throughout the novel. Tan’s use of style is one of, if not the most, prevalent literary elements used in the selected passage. Style used in the given excerpt of, The Joy Luck Club, helps Tan to illustrate the tone and mood of the story. One element of style, diction, is used to display Suyuan’s desperation to make it to Chungking, where her babies will be safe. Suyuan’s desperation is made apparent through this quote: “The roads were filled with people, everybody running and begging for rides from passing trucks.” The diction used in this quote creates a tone of desperation by using words such as “running” and “begging” which are often used to describe desperate or dangerous situations. Additionally, the quote illustrates the chaotic nature of the situation. Tan shows this through the phrase “filled with people”, creating a vision of a mob-like crowd, with Suyuan in the midst of it, desperate for the survival of her babies. To add to the use of diction, Tan also uses syntax to display the mood and tone of the story. Tan’s use of syntax is prevalent in this quote, “Canning, we should go [to China], before it is too late, before we are too old. And I told her it was already too…

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