Analysis Of `` The Jewels `` By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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The greatest deception men suffer from their opinions. Deception is the action of deceiving or misleading someone. ““The Jewels” is not as well known as his other great story about jewels and women, “The Necklace,” but its irony is more complicated and more profound”(Maupassant 7). The plot of this story is designed in a way that the story is designed in a way that the story is suitable for all lovers of literature. Deceit is rampant in the story, and that is a major problem. There are many deceptive aspects of the short story, “The Jewels” by Guy de Maupassant. Other than literary elements of the story, there are other structural components such as the setting and the plot.
First of all, Maupassant cleverly uses allegory to represent the greed and deception that underscores his characters’ standards of living. The writer shows the responsibilities of each member the family in the two spouses. M. Lantin is a very responsible husband. The Lantin’s’ way of life is a falsehood. The jewelry is central to the plot. It uses allegorical context and symbolism to represent deception and infidelity. The writer, therefore, uses M. Lantin’s character to demonstrate how easily we deceive others and ourselves in an attempt to gain or claim happiness. Deception dominates in this story and creates a wonderful taste to the plot and the storyline. Every reader has the enthusiasm to read more and more. Guy De Maupassant is a French writer who was one of the greatest short story composers of…

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