Analysis Of The Gas Ladies And Gentlemen

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Being alive during world war two is one thing, but experiencing world war two as prisoner in a concentration camp and able to tell the story of your experience is another. This way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a story written by Taduez Borowski and his experience as a prisoner in one of the most infamous camps known to man. The story is inspired by Borowski 's own experience during his time in the concentration camps and he shares his story so it would never be forgotten. Borowski was arrested by the Gestapo in 1942 while looking for his wife who was captured earlier. He was captured after falling into the same trap as his wife and was sent off to Auschwitz death camp. Once captured, he did any means necessary to survive the terrors of the camp, even if it meant helping the …show more content…
Thousands of civilians would be transported to the concentration camp in trains everyday. The ones who did not seem fit enough to work would be sent to the gas chambers. The ones who were young and healthy would be sent to the gas chambers, but only after the Nazis make them work until they have no more use for them. In the first page of the first chapter, Borowski explains how thousands of naked prisoners, men and women, would swarm the large prison yards waiting for their clothes. “The tanks of Cyclone B solution, an efficient killer of lice in clothing and of men in gas chambers.” The camps did not have enough clothes for the prisoners. They would have to wait till they could get their fashionably new stripped uniforms and their hair shaved off. Borowski and the others also slept on plain boards every night since their “mattresses and blankets are still being disinfected.” Borowski uses dark humor to explain their living conditions by making it seem that the Nazis cared for them and wanted them to live in a clean environment when in fact, these soldiers treated these innocent people as rats in a

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