Analysis Of The Fixer By Bernard Mallamud

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The Fixer, by Bernard Malamud, starts off with the main character, Yakov Bok, learning about the death of a Russian child. The Jews are blamed for the murder of this child, claiming it to be a ritual murder (or a religious sacrifice). Yakov is frightened, fearing that the police will accuse him because he lives in the city of Kiev, where Jews are forbidden to live in.

The book subsequently proceeds to tell the story of Yakov’s life 6-8 months before the timeline in the first chapter. The authors captures the reader’s attention by going back in time, before Yakov’s initial ordeal. Will they capture Yakov and accuse him of the murder? What will happen to him? These were some of the questions that were aroused by the use of the authors method
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Blowing out the candle shows his attempt to stay hidden from the other priests, it symbolizes hiding.The darkness allows Yakov to conceal his ethnicity and gives him a sense of security that no one would find out about him being a Jew.

Initial Character Analysis of Yakov Bok
His profession lies in being a handyman, fixing all sorts of equipment and items, so the title of the book addresses him. His parents died within a year of his birth, making him an orphan. This leads to his bitter personality and his pessimistic philosophy on life. His rough life as a child continues on to his adult life, his wife leaves him without a reason, he survives with little to no food and gets paid very little to nothing.
Later on he claims he wants his rewards now and proceeds to sell all of his belongings except for his tools and a few books to journey to Kiev for new opportunities. This shows his opinion on education and knowledge, making it one of his top priorities, seeing as he sold almost everything except his books.
Yakov also seems to take a lot of risks, in hopes having achieving fortune and a better life. He risks discrimination and possibly death at the hands of anti-semites by working in a district where jews are forbidden to work and live

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