Analysis Of ' The First Time You Kill Someone Essay

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Macbeth- Whose Murder is Worse- Duncan’s or Banquo’s? Samantha Wong 1-2

Keary Taylor, author of Depth’s Lake once wrote: “The first time you kill someone is something that changes you”. In Macbeth, Shakespeare juxtaposes Macbeth’s immense guilt after murdering Duncan with his calm, business-like attitude towards murdering Banquo to depict his rapid change in character after he becoming a murderer. Shakespeare immerses the reader into Macbeth’s thoughts and actions to reveal how Duncan’s murder not only affects the wellbeing of his country, but also prompts him to continue to commit murder, and ultimately causes the downfall of both himself and Lady Macbeth.

Firstly, Duncan’s murder is worse than Banquo’s because it affects the wellbeing of the entire country. One of the reasons why Macbeth is having difficulty with the idea of killing Duncan who is “so clear in his great office, that his virtues/ Will plead like angels trumpet-toungu’d against/ The deep damnation of this taking off,” is because he is a great king whom the country will miss dearly (I.vii.18-20). Macbeth knows that killing Duncan will have an effect on his country because Duncan is a better, and more virtuous king than Macbeth could ever be after killing him. In contrast, Banquo’s murder will not affect the country, because he is not royalty and his death will only affect those close to him. In addition, by killing Duncan who is a king, the balance of nature is thrown by such an awful deed.…

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