Analysis Of The Film Festival, By Mark Peranson Essay

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Another reason for arguing SRIFF is still a film festival which is seeking for its positioning is that it has not yet made a clear decision on whether to be a “business festival” or an “audience festival” (Peranson 39). The concepts of “business festival” and “art festival” are explained in Mark Peranson’s article: First You get the Power, then You get the Money: Two Models of the Film Festivals. In this article, Peranson has listed the different characteristics of the two models of the film festivals. Two of the prominent features of the business film festival is it has “[major] cooperate sponsor” and “[market]/ business presence” (Peranson 38). Whereas undoubtedly, the audience is the “[major] concern” of the audience film festival; but it also “[underlies the] truth that tastes often vary from programmer to general public” (Peranson 39). If we trace back to the initial preinstall of SRIFF, it is clear that this film festival is largely supported by the Chinese government for its echoing to the OBOR strategy. Additionally, from the attending celebrities and government leaders, it is not hard to guess that SRIFF has a strong backing from the political and financial aspects. Contradictorily, the selected screening from countries like Iran, Uzbekistan, Nepal and etc. is soundly speaking to the major concern of “[providing] the opportunity for the audiences to see films that, otherwise, they cannot see” (Pearson 38). Potentially, one could argue that there is never a clear cut…

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