Analysis Of The Episode ' Family Guy ' Essay

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Description of Episode Family Guy is a provocative animated series following the middle class Griffin Family who reside in Quahog, Rhode Island. Head of household Peter works at a beer brewing company and his wife Lois, a former beauty pageant star and current stay at home mom, live with their three children and their talking dog Brian. Brian is hopelessly in love with Lois, oldest daughter Meg is the family’s scapegoat and black sheep of the family, Chris is a clueless 13-year old with an evil monkey in his closet, and Stewie is a sexually confused evil-genius one year old baby whose goal is world domination. The episode titled “Stewie Kills Lois” begins on Lois’s birthday after Brian gives her two cruise tickets in hopes that she will invite him. Stewie thinks that he is going with Lois but when she takes Peter and leaves him behind Stewie gets angry. He rents a speedboat and jets over to the cruise ship Lois is on and shoots her with a machine gun until she falls over the edge and disappears in to the ocean. The viewer later finds out that Lois did not die. She comes back to battle her evil genius baby, Stewie, before he subjects the world to his evil plans.
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