Analysis Of The Editorial ' Turning Off The School On Prison Pipeline ' By Harry Wilson

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Introduction The editorial “Turning off The School-to-Prison Pipeline” by Harry Wilson, found in Reclaiming Children and Youth, Spring 2014 edition gives awareness on the pros of zero tolerance policies and why they are not benefiting children to keep them out of prison when they become adults. In this article review I will summarize the article and give my perspective and opinion as to whether or not it is significant for someone to read.
Article Summary Starting out in the 1980 's the policies of Zero tolerance has been in place within the criminal justice system. Zero tolerance policy has been utilized in the juvenile justice system as well as in the court system. Wilson takes notes that according to the Criminal Justice Fact Sheet that the United States is home to 5% of the world’s population, but responsible for 25% of the world’s prisoners (Wilson, 2014). He also goes to state that majority of the population in the prison are African-Americans at the rate of getting incarcerated six times more than whites. Following in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the uprising of drug crimes as well as high-profile violent, there was a prominence on charging juveniles with higher penalties. More so, it resulted in alternative sentencing practices that were put into place, including sending juvenile delinquents to a “boot camp” style program, much like the basic training provided by the United Armed Forces. This included high levels of discipline and corrective punishment…

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