Analysis Of The Documentary ' Dear Kitty ' Essay examples

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The documentary, “Dear Kitty” revolves around Miep Gies, and her recollection of helping Anne Frank and her family go into hiding. Miep, was a Dutch citizen who was hired by Anne’s father, Otto Frank. In the summer of 1942, Mr. Frank had initially hired Miep to be the secretary of the business he managed, but with the Nazis ceasing all the Jews from Holland, he would soon need her help with hiding his family. Miep, along with the other four staff members, agreed to help. The Frank family hid in an attic above the business where both Miep and Mr. Frank worked at. Miep and the rest of the workers acted normal during regular work hours so they would not look suspicious. Unfortunately, Anne and her family were found and taken to a concentration camp where they perished, except her father. Anne and the rest of the people, who were with her, are widely known victims of the Nazi’s during the Holocaust. Many Germans claimed they were not involved during Hitler’s oppression, thus, chose to be bystanders, where as, Miep Gies, chose to be a rescuer. To begin with, Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to a German father and a Jewish mother (Anne Frank?). According to the documentary, Anne was a very spontaneous and happy child. After the Nazi’s took her and her family away, the only thing she left behind was her diary. The diary has become very valuable to Holocaust history. After watching the documentary, I have complied some data, analyzing each category of…

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