Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Dark Girls '

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Colourism also impacts the relationships between the male and female within the community. Particularly, females suffer from their own hamartia of low self-esteem due to the allusions of beauty and what is required of and from them in order to be ‘loved’ or ‘wanted’ by a man. On the documentary “Dark Girls”, studies show that 41.9% of black women in America have never been married while only 20.7% of white women have never been married. This statistic shows that African American women are the least coupled group in the United States. On “Dark Girls”, there is a scene in the documentary where men discuss their outlook on both light skin and dark skin women. Frequently during this scene, the men discuss how they have more of an attraction to light skin women because lighter females have prettier hair. One man discussed how he would only use a dark skin woman for the pleasure of sex rather than just loving her. The documentary also alleviated the question of “why there is discrimination in love?” The preference of the type of women the men were attracted to also depends on where the men were from and what they were used to. A man, in particular, discusses how he is more attracted to lighter women because he is from Louisiana and he has always been around creole women. Colourism not only affects the youth, the connection between society and community, and one’s love for themselves but it also affects the love that many want to experience with someone else. A young woman may feel…

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