Essay about Analysis of the Dialogues in Oliver Twist

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Analysis of dialogues in Oliver Twist
Book Review

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Analysis of dialogues in Oliver Twist 00928015 翟静媛

Book review: Analysis of the dialogues in Oliver twist
Summary: As the most popular English novelist of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens has his own composing features, one of which is to utilize distinctive language as a salient method to form different characters. He forms very new and striking expressions out of rather special words so that almost all the speeches fit a ll the characters who speak them. In addition to a knowledge of figures ‟ personalities, we can also get a deep understanding of the theme,characters‟ psychology and their interrelationship through their
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I believe this unique trait reflects Oliver‟s ultimate politeness and gentleness. It proves that Oliver is a poor but kind child who is genial and friendly to everyone he met. What‟s more, he has great respect to everyone. This kind of respect and politeness cannot be pretended because in every situation, it is consistent. As we can see in the first example, when Mr. Bumble wants to send Oliver to the coffin shop, he insults him to be the most ungrateful, and worst-disposed boys as he ever see. Faced with unfairness and bad treat, Oliver does not tend to run away or show his disagreement using force; instead, as a little gentleman, he remains his respect and politeness—this is from his pure innocent heart. Oliver begs Mr. Bumble with 6 times of “Sir” in tears. This part touches me a lot. I always believe that only when a person is in the most emergent situation will he show his original look. For Oliver, this is really a critical moment for his life and what he does is to promise to be better and beg for Mr. Bumble‟s pity believing that Mr. Bumble still has some conscience. What an innocent and polite boy! By contrast, Jack Dawkins, a boy working for Fagin is totally different from Oliver. Although both of them are poor children without parent‟s love and good education and live with wicked adults, they have absolutely different heart: Oliver is still a pure boy deserving love while Dodger has already been assimilated by

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