Analysis Of The Curtains

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On Sunday November 20, at 2 pm I saw High Point University’s production of Curtains. The play had Hayworth theatre’s first and second floors packed with a lively audience. The audience was mostly filled with family consisting of parents, grandparents, and younger children. Some parents and older members of the audience had bouquet of flowers in their hands, probably to give to the cast or crew members after the show. I would consider the show house half full because the majority of the audience was laughing along with the play, seemed intrigued at compelling parts, and were swaying along with the musical numbers. Another interesting point I noticed about the audience is everyone seemed very intrigued by the play. Very few people got up during …show more content…
The director uses multiple story lines to wrap the play all together. For example, one aspect of the play is the murder mystery plot. Another aspect of the production is the love story between the homicide detective, Lt. Frank Cioffi and the understudy of the lead, Nikki Harris. One more plot of the Curtains is the effort to get the play, Robbin’ Hood of the Old West, to make it to Broadway. Carmen Bernstein, who wants the play to get to Broadway the most, for reason not discovered until the end of the play, Is the glue that holds the cast together. She is determined to get the play to Broadway without even knowing her husband, Sydney, blackmailed each character in the play to be a part of this production. The director’s way of using multiple plots intertwined in one story, keeps the audience on their feet. The blocking of the crew was also quite notable. Doug Brown’s vision of having the director of the Robin Hood play to be conceited, yet humorous also moved the paly along nicely. It added an unexpected humor to what one would define as a serious plot. Also, the idea of making the detective torn between solving a homicide while also adding input into the play gave the

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