Analysis Of ' The ' By Beth E Essay

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A main theme in "Watermelon" by Beth E. Janzen is that maturation and the transition from childhood to adulthood can be a challenge, and it often involves having to let go of the fun and the carelessness felt as an infant. To represent this theme, the author uses the minor characters to represent the stages of maturation. Janzen also uses the actions of the protagonist to support the theme, and they show how adolescents often act when transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The writer also uses flashbacks in a similar way she used characters, however these describe the emotions adolescents often feel through the process of maturation. Maturation is a process that involves different stages, and in order to show this, Janzen uses each minor character to represent a stage of maturation. These characters include Sammy, Anna’s dog, her parents, and her aunt. Firstly, Sammy is used to represent childhood. When Anna plays with her dog, she has fun and she loves him very much; she believes “Sammy [is] as much a part of a day at the lake as the watermelon” (Janzen 39). These emotions felt by Anna towards Sammy represent the fun childhood, where there is no worries and the fun never seems to end. Then, as adolescents get older, they enter a transition between childhood and adulthood, and this change is represented by the protagonist’s parents. In the text, her parents still let her have fun, however not as much as when she was younger, and this represents the transition of…

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