Analysis Of The Book ' When You Reach Me ' Essay

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Stead (2009) writes a science fiction and a mystery novel When you Reach Me. Stead tells us a story of a sixth grader, Miranda, who lived with her paralegal single mother in New York City in 1979. Miranda and her mother’s boyfriend, Richard, prepared her mother for a game show $20,000 Pyramid. Mirada was a Latchkey kid and she was walking home from school with her best friend Sal, who start ignoring her with no good reason after he was punched by Marcus. This reaction pushed Miranda to make new friends which made her more active in school. There was a homeless man on the corner with his head below the mail box who utters the words “book, bag, pocket, shoe”. After that, Miranda starts receiving mysterious notes asking her to record future events and the note writer claims he will save her friend’s life. The notes keeps coming and the proofs come true. After the laughing man’s sacrifice to save Sal’s life, Miranda figures out everything. The laughing man is an older version of Marcus who had come from the future to save Sal’s life. Moreover, Miranda finds out the reason that made Sal stop talking to her and the reason that made Marcus hit Sal. At the end, her mother won the game and Mirada’s life changes when she decides to be a good person. After reading this novel, I was very interested and I agree with some of Stead’s principles about the independence of children and maintaining true friendship.
The first principle that I was interested in is the independence of…

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