Analysis Of The Book ' Unhappy Meals ' By Michael Pollan Essay

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“Unhappy Meals” by Michael Pollan answers the questions why is America fat, and what is the solution to this problem. This essay gives detailed examples about who is behind the misleading foods, why America chooses to live like this, and how other countries are staying out of the disastrous ways of American food culture. This article gives new ideas and insight to what Americans need to be doing, or rather not doing, to get back to a healthy state.
Pollan uses examples from studies, food labels, and scientists to back up his argument. In this article, he is serious about his writing, but also uses a style to attract a bigger audience by making it interesting to read. What we are consuming, how much we are consuming, how products are being marketed, and our level of knowledge are all contributors to the problem America faces with food.
The biggest problem with American culture is what kind of foods we are ingesting, how much we are ingesting, and how foods are being advertised to us. When a person sees a label that says, “Low Fat, Low Carbs, Sugar Free, etc.,” they get excited and jump on it. What these people do not realize is it might be low in one thing but high in another. They do not think about the processed part of the foods on how they are staying fresh in a box, can, or other packaging. Those chemicals farmers and factories use are terrible for people. That is only one example.
America’s meat consumption is a problem that most people do not even know is a problem.…

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