Analysis Of The Book ' Troy ' Essays

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“He wouldn’t want thanks for killing another human being. No one would. Even if it was in self-defense.”
“You seem troubled. What is it?” Troy demanded.
“I keep replaying what happened wondering if I could have done anything differently to prevent this from happening.”
Troy took both Casey’s hands in his. “Crawford broke into your home with the sole purpose of killing both you and Ray. You guys did what anyone would to protect yourself. What I don’t understand is why Crawford came to Glendara in the first place.”
“He was angry that Ray had gotten his brother acquitted and followed him home. He told us he had gone to a lot of trouble to frame Michael. He was so cold about killing Mr. Ahmed’s wife”
“I suspect the man was a sociopath.”
“Probably. He wasn’t in the least remorseful. His plan to put Michael in prison was his way to get revenge for Michael having the life he always wanted. Sick, right. I almost feel sorry for him, except for the fact that he tried to kill us.”
“I looked at your crime-scene photos. There is a weird similarity between what happened to you and Sean O’Malley with one exception.”
Casey had wondered if that is how Sean had felt as she stood staring into the eyes of a psychotic. “Exception,” Casey repeated.
“The outcome—Ray survived, you both survived.”
“We were lucky. It could have turned out differently, and we would be the ones you found dead instead of Matthew.”
Troy’s expression turned serious. “I’m glad you’re not. Fate was on your side.”
Fate. A…

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