Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Three Nights '

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It was three nights before Morgana responded to the call.

The first time she heard it was terrifying, the strange male voice in her head met by frantic screams, followed by a hasty explanation when Gwen had come rushing into the room. She sent her maidservant home early on the second night, having convinced herself that it had been nothing more than the product of an overactive imagination. After all, it wouldn 't be the strangest thing to have happened to her as of late.

But then the voice had come to her again later that evening, leaving her to question her own sanity before a single memory resurfaced to put her at ease.


The Druid boy had spoken to her without words, and although this voice was different, certainly older, there was something oddly familiar about it. It pleaded with her to find the owner deep within the Citadel, at a location beneath the first floor she wasn 't sure she 'd ever even visited before.

Morgana. Morgana, please.

Was this man another Druid? Thanks to Uther 's latest decree, those who were under even the slightest suspicion of magic were being hunted like dogs in the streets. It wouldn 't have surprised her to discover that one of them had taken refuge in the labyrinthine passageways beneath the castle.

Morgana, I won 't hurt you. I swear it.

How did he know her name? Well, everyone did, of course, but that didn 't explain why he didn 't address her by her proper title. Only those she was closest to had a habit of skipping the…

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