Analysis Of The Book ' The White Dog ' Essay

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Theme: Our inability to let go of our dreaded past and struggle to find our self-worth clouds our view of any positive future, but we can clear this clouded view by broadening our focal point beyond the limitations of the past.
The white dog: As the image of a white dog appears multiple times throughout this story, we begin to notice its significance. The first time the white dog “appears” is right after Bunny talks to Quoyle about Petal’s death (46). The dog’s timely appearance and Bunny’s frightening reaction shows how the dreadful past continues to linger upon Bunny. Also, the fact that the reappearing dogs are white represent a ghost like figure from the past that currently haunts the present. While Bunny, Sunshine, and Quoyle were on the boat, Bunny claimed she spotted another white dog, and describe it as “the wave surged and the dog rose with it (150).” Later, Quoyle too admitted he was “getting fed up with the white dog (151).” This “rising” of the dog portrays the towering effect the haunting past has on the present. In addition, Quoyle’s reaction of annoyance displays once again, the power of the past and the strength it has on people beyond its primary target. Toward the end of the book, Bunny excitedly tells her dad that Wavey got them a dog. As Quoyle proceeds to Bunny’s room and sees the dog, Prolux writes, “Man very Surprised to see white dog in daughters chamber (315).” Bunny doesn’t even mention her previous fear of white dogs.…

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