Analysis Of The Book ' The Time Machine ' Essay

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I believe that the main theme in H.G. Well’s The Time Machine is that a view of something can be so certain and simple but it can have many different meanings, most importantly the idea of time. Time begins the discussion in the beginning of the novel where the Time Traveler is explaining that you can travel through time. Now, this has already been proven by Einstein that if you can travel faster than the speed of light then you can travel through the future, creating his equation E=mc2. ( I personally believe that it is very doable but I do not think that it will be accomplished any time soon. However, this is what sparks the whole story. The Time Traveler begins to tell his colleagues about his machine and his experiment. As expected his colleagues are very skeptical and he explains in detail.
The idea of time is very important to this story. Throughout the story the view of time changes. It begins just as the stereotypical idea of traveling to the future is perceived. If someone tells you that you can travel through the future, I think it would be very excited to hear at first. It is time traveling! You do not really think about how different it will be. You do not consider at first that traveling far into the future, like centuries ahead, may show you a view you were not expecting. It might be better or it could be worse. For instance, when the Time Traveler landed in the future, about thirty million years past his Victorian…

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