Analysis Of The Book ' The Sword Maidens ' Essay

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The sword maidens were in the courtyard outside of Sato 's castle, doing their before breakfast practice when Sato approached them. He watched them for a few minutes before he spoke to Gertrude.
“Gwladys and Badora have left the premises, have you any idea where they have gone?”
Gertrude said, “I 'm sorry, but no, I haven 't even spoken to them since the day we first came here.”
Sato nodded and turned to his daughter, “Akemi, after breakfast, would you take your sword maidens to the village and see if you can locate them?”
“Yes father, it would be a nice change in routine to do something different.”

They rode into the village and split up into pairs to search for the missing women. Gertrude and Chandi went one way, Akemi and Josie the other, they made inquiries and discovered no one had seen the two truants.
“Well, what do we do now?” Josie asked.
“I don 't know,” Akemi answered, “I think father expected they would be here, this is where the trainees usually come when they need a break. They get drunk and sleep it off here, sometimes they oversleep and father has to acknowledge their misconduct. Let 's take a ride to Gray Village, if they 're not there, there 's nothing more we can do.”
Gertrude said, “Okay, we 'll stop at my Aunt Belinda 's on the way, maybe she 's seen them.”
The rode past the pool of Morpheus and a short while later they were at Belinda 's cottage. Zeke came running out as they rode up.
“Mothers been hurt, she was attacked by two females about an hour…

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