Magic And Merlyn Moment Analysis

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Magic and Merlyn Moment #1
On a warm day near the end of summer, the Wart was sitting near the tilting yard watching Kay practice his skills. Wart was feeling particularly dreary that day and decided to console in Merlyn about his seemingly pathetic dreams of being a knight, like Kay was destined to be. Wart began to go on about how he would call himself the Black Knight. “ And I should have hoved at a well or a fjord or something and made all true knights that came way to joust with me in honor of their ladies, and I should have spared them after giving them a great fall…” (White 81). After hearing Wart complain, Merlyn agreed to let Wart see some real knights joust, and asks him to choose a knight to see. Wart thought about it, then chose
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The Wart hated everybody, and decided to console in Merlyn, his tutor. He decided that he ought to have some education, Merlyn’s kind. Wart suggested that he would be turned into a bird, but since he couldn’t fly in the rain, he thought it would be best to become a Merlin in the mews of the castle. After Wart was turned into a Merlin, Merlyn delivered him to the mews. Merlyn told him he would be seated next to two friendly birds, Balan and Balin whom he could trust, he was also warned to be wary of Cully, who would maim or kill you if he had the chance. When he arrived, there was dead silence, until the leader, a peregrine falcon, asked who he was and what branch of Merlin he was from. Puzzled by the question, Wart gave it a guess and said he was from the Forest Sauvage, causing the other predatory birds to question his sanity. Luckily, Balan came to his rescue, Wart made a mental note to give him treat in the morning. Then Wart was asked who the Beast of the Foot was, and what his most important member was, and how he would kill a pigeon bigger than himself. When he answered all of these correctly, the military like group decided that he was worthy of an initiation. The process of the procedure was the singing of a traditional song, and for Wart to stand next to the ever so precarious Cully until three bells were rung, if he accomplished this then he could fly away as fast as his …show more content…
A week before Kay was to be knighted, Wart was working in the kitchen thinking about his certain future. A sad expression formed on his face, for he loved Kay, but it was because of Kay that he would never be happy. Sir Ector came in with intentions of cheering his son up.” You take a glass of this canary, and see if old Merlyn can’t start cheerin’ you up” (White 228). Inside Wart’s mind, Sir Ector was right, so in a sulky mood Wart went to visit Merlyn. However, when Merlyn gave a lengthy lecture about the importance of education, and how it can take multiple lifetimes to learn everything, Wart wondered what he would do after that. Merlyn told him that all his magic had run out for his lessons, and his last lesson would begin right then. Merlyn said that he would send him to see his friend the badger, and to do that Wart would have to be turned into a badger himself. Sooner than later, Wart was off, ready for his last lesson. On his way to the badger hole, Wart met a frightened hedgehog, who described the terrors badgers inflicted on his kind, as well as the kindness shown to him by Merlyn. When he finally is finally able to befriend the hedgehog, he asks him to uncurl, but when he refuses out of fear of being eaten, Wart moves on to go find the badger. When he finally reaches the badger, Wart is asked to listen to listen to the badger’s treatise on how man became the master of all

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