Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“....What?” Kaz looked up at Ocelot from the pile of papers that he was working on his desk.

“What you heard, Miller. Do I need to repeat it?” Ocelot sat at the edge of the desk on Kaz’s side crossing his legs. He always did this when he wanted a favor from the Commander.

Kaz put his pen down and looked up at him.

“I thought I just heard that you wanted me to help you hook up Quiet with Buffalo.”


“No way” Kaz declined Ocelot’s proposal and turned his attention back to the orders of purchase he had to approve.

“Come on! It will be fun. Besides, aren’t you the expert when it comes to women? don’t you have a secret to drive women crazy?”

“Yeah, Ocelot. And that’s exactly why you are sitting on my desk, because you are crazy about me, aren’t you?” It was not his intention to say it with such a husky voice, Kaz would regret jumping into the older man’s game.

“Very funny, and I thought I was the one seducing you right now, Kaz.” Ocelot taunted him, taking Kaz’s hand and placing it on his thigh.

Kaz leaned back into his chair and focused his attention on the silver haired man. His hand was still on Ocelot’s thigh.

“Then why are you still here wasting my time? Go and play the love coach yourself.”

“I know that you’ll eventually say yes, but you want me to beg.” The older man gently brushed his gloved hand over Kaz’s.

“Quiet’s in love with Snake. You said it yourself a while ago so it’s gonna be hard for her to consider other options.” Kaz let go an angry sigh…

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