Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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He swiftly stood up with Bella in his arms, and her legs wrapped around his waist with her naked chest pressed against his clothed one.
“Down the hall, to the left,” she breathed before connecting her lips to his neck. She would kiss him forever if she could.
Once in her bedroom, Edward dropped her on the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and crawling toward her. His eyes were dark. “You are perfect.” He threw his shirt aside.
He covered her body with his, forcefully digging his fingers into her hips as their lips reconnected. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his growing arousal. He slowly dragged his fingers up her sides, over her ribcage and to her breasts. He cupped them in his hands, lightly flicking her nipples with his thumbs. They stood firmly in response to his touch.
He leaned down, sucking a pebbled nipple into his mouth. He released it with a loud pop, moving on to the other. His touch grew rough, and his kisses were filled with desperation. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him.
Edward roughly pulled down her skirt. He seemed to be filled with impatience and primal need. Her back arched, and she felt the evidence of her arousal between her thighs. An involuntary whimper escaped her lips.
She was desperate for him.
He lowered his hips between her parted legs, gripping his cock and guiding it between her legs. He slowly pushed inside her, and she felt as if she could barely breathe.
He gripped her hips, thrusting into her. Her back arched…

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