Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Essay

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Four curved and pointed legs step out of the shadows. As it continues forward around white furry body attached to them emerges skittering at him. Its head appears out of the shadows with its nose wiggling up and down sniffing the air. The creature eyes being that of a vile arachnid eyes, gleaming in the moonlight. Its ears long and fluffy like those of a rabbit. The creature is about four feet high.

Merryn rotated the fool bird that is skewered on a spit. The fire crackled from a drop of the rich fat, causing the flames to hiss.

I Wonder what is keeping him? He should be back by now.

Taking the bird off the spit and laying it on some leaves, getting up off in search of him. Her training now kicking in she slinks along the riverbank in order to not attract unwanted attention. In due time descrying him standing in his birthday suit staring straight ahead at something. The site took her breath away dalzeing her.

Focus now girl!

His face has a surreal look on it, she notices that his are not blinking. Walking closer to him, she follows his gaze, spotting the abomination that has him memorized.

From time to time it continued to crawled towards the man. "Hey! "Wake up!!" She began to become worried as he did no respond. Realizing the gruesome monster must have him in trance, she draws out her two long silver daggers from their scabbards on each side of her waist. In addition to this concentrating while she casts a spell in her mind. In an instant a warm heatraces through…

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